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If you don't have an Age of Pirates 2 install directory, it's the same folder as Age of Pirates 1.4. A: Install and run Age of Pirates, click on "Configure Add-ons" and from there choose "Age of Pirates Enhanced" to enable it. The Flash's Colton Haynes and Arrow's Stephen Amell joined the cast of DC Universe's upcoming Swamp Thing. Kevin Hurrell plays the Swamp Thing in the CW's The Flash.Amell's Oliver Queen is set to make his DC TV debut in the new series, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The CW's live-action series will introduce a new series of Swamp Thing comics in October. The new "DC Universe's" take on Swamp Thing is an anti-hero created by Alan Moore. The character is initially created in the Swamp Thing #1 comic in the 1970s. There have been several Swamp Thing live-action series, including a series on NBC and a 2012 horror film. This is the first time Swamp Thing has been adapted for television. The CW has committed to a new show about the DC Comics character Superman and has yet to announce who will play the Man of Steel. The Flash centers on Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), a Central City police scientist who accidentally kills his fiancée and becomes a member of the superhero team, the Flash. Season 2 of The Flash premieres in fall 2015 on the CW. The CW has ordered more than 60 episodes for the second season. Arrow is set to begin its fifth season in fall 2015. The CW has ordered 12 episodes for season 5. MORE:This invention relates to systems and methods for treating subsurface formations to stimulate production of hydrocarbons, and more particularly, to such a system and method utilizing an additive treatment fluid. Production of subsurface formations, such as from subterranean zones penetrated by a well bore, has been increased by the use of completion and workover fluids. Completion fluids are used to increase the hydrocarbon production from a zone in the formation by providing a path for the hydrocarbons in the zone to reach the well bore. Workover fluids are used for oilfield operations such as drilling, cementing, fracturing, or completion, and the like. During the well bore drilling and completion operations, the use of completion and workover fluids typically results in the buildup of fluids in the near well bore region, including at the bottom of



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