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LCT: Paving the Way! 
For over 35 years, LCT has been dedicated to providing quality live theatre and performances to our community. Our mission has always been to educate, entertain, and empower through the performing arts. From humble beginnings, our passion and hard work have driven our growth.

Three years ago, we made the community-changing decision to purchase and expand into the YWCA building at 3101 35th St. Since then, our growth has been remarkable. We've expanded our annual shows from 5-6 to 14, and our Stages Academy now serves over 500 students annually. With over 400 contract artists employed and nearly 10,000 patrons walking through our doors each year. 

Building Community!

Our community rallied behind us as we made this pivotal decision, and your support has been crucial every step of the way. Over the past three years

  • Taken ownership of our space.

  • Installed new roofs over theatre and west offices.

  • Transferred the gym to our main stage theatre.

  • Replaced and upgraded HVAC systems.

Not bad for three years, but we are not done! 

Your contribution to our Paving The Way campaign will directly fund essential updates to our building, ensuring the safety and enhancement of our facilities for all who walk through our doors. Every dollar donated will make a tangible difference, whether it's helping to replace a roof tile, renovate our lobby, or expand our workshop space.

Our Goals!

  • New Roof Over Workshop (the old pool room, and over the dance studio.) $60,000

  • New Public Bathrooms $75,000

  • New Lobby $50,000

  • Filling in the pool and covering with concrete. $75,000

  • Finish the studios including mirrors. $6,000.

  • Grand Curtain and cyc for our theatre. $10,000.


Together, Let's Shape the Future
Here's how your donation can impact our cause:

  • $20.00: Replaces a roof tile, aiding in maintaining a safe and sturdy ceiling.

  • $50.00: Covers part of the cost of new flooring, improving our lobby's appearance and functionality.

  • $100.00: Ensures that our 500 summer camp children have access to secure studios for their creative endeavors.

  • $500.00: Purchases a mirror for our dance studio, enhancing the environment for artistic expression.

  • $1000.00: Expands our workshop by 100 square feet, facilitating educational and construction needs.

  • $2500.00: Provides creative space for 300 contract artists annually, fostering a vibrant artistic community.

  • $5000.00: Protects our building from rain damage, laying the foundation for a promising future.

. Your generosity will not only safeguard our current facilities but also pave the way for the growth and sustainability of our artistic community. Join us in creating a safer and more vibrant space for all who walk through our doors. Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a meaningful impact. Together, we can pave the way for a brighter future.



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Gym to Theatre

With over 100,000 put into the first phases of renovation we took this gym to a fully functionally theatre. We gave it a face list, hung curtains, hung lights, bought risers and chairs for 150 seats, as well as installed a brand new roof over the theatre and west offices and Studios. 

RAW (11) - Copy.jpg

Pool to Workshop

We still have a long way to go, to make this workshop fully functional but with your help, we can fill in the pool. Our goal is not just for safety concerns but for efficiency and growing the educational portion of our technical theatre. This also paves the way for our second experimental stage in the future. This will provide with us an additional 4,000 sq ft of workshop, storage, rental and education space.


New Studios

LCT went from one rehearsal space to now three separate studios and a dedicated children's studio. We now have the space to house multiple shows in our dance, music, and acting studios as well as our Stages Academy and Costume Shop. Our goal now is to renovate and upgrade the public bathrooms and lobbies to make us even more inviting. Come take a tour to see what all we have done! 

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