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Equip the Arts Fundraiser

Help LCT EQUIP the arts, our artists and our community!!!

Lubbock Community Theatre has had to close its public doors since March due to COVID-19 and State Mandates for large group events. 

This can be a huge blow to a non-profit performing arts company but LCT has been able to proudly pivot into the world of Digital Performing Arts. We have been able to consistently provide content and opportunity for artists to flourish on camera, on microphone and behind the scenes. Children and adults alike are building real life skills in editing, public speaking, sound engineering, acting, community service and teamwork. 

In order to easily provide for our community and artists we need a definite technical upgrade. 


Most non-profits run on decade old cpus that barely run Word let alone top end editing software or virtual arts programs. We have run across the need to help provide technology to children and adults who would not have access to this type of equipment which is vital to continuing the arts safely. 

This is where you come in. LCT has a generous grant and anonymous donor willing to help pitch in and match your contributions to get us the equipment we need.  Every dollar helps, every share spreads the word.

With your contribution we will be purchasing a minimum of 2 new computers, external harddrives, microphones, cameras, lighting and software meant to encourage young and old artists alike. These upgrades and additions to our current offerings will allow us to increase our production value, efficiency and provide more opportunities for our young people and community to learn in a state of the art Digital Performing Arts Program. 

Help LCT EQUIP the arts, our artists and our community. 

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