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LCT has been providing quality live theatre and performances for over 32 years. Our mission has always been to educate, entertain and empower our community through the performing arts. In that time, we have had small beginnings that grew through hard work and passion for what we do. LCT now can provide for over 200 plus students in our youth education programs, multiple main season productions, and innovative digital performing arts. So come share the stage, screen, and microphone here with us at LCT.

Round 1 Goal - $250,000

Total Goal - $1,000,000

What a YEAR! LCT has had 6 main season productions, 3 Youth Artist Guild productions, on its way to its third Horizon production. In between the fantastic theatrical productions, we performed at the Civic Center with Junior League's Holiday Happening with Cinderella, rocked out with Rocky Horror, dined with the best of Society Paige, and spent time at our 80's Prom. We are so proud of our first year and everything we have all accomplished & it's because of ALL OF YOU!


LCT took ownership of 3101 35th St otherwise known as the YWCA Livermore Building April 27th, 2021, and opened our doors to the public on June 1.  Help us celebrate this first year and PHASE 1 of our long-term plan for making this a community performing arts center. 


So far with everyone's help, we put the down payment on the building itself, put in a brand new AC unit, patched the roof, and transformed the gym into the theatre space you have grown to enjoy this year. The remaining funds will help us finish our lobby area, put up the donor wall recognizing our supporters, and additional lighting/sound equipment for our theatre space.  Help us round this final corner to finish this first year in style and set the standard for the future. 


Individual Donations & Small Business Sponsorships

$5,000 - 2021-2022 Show Sponsor

  • Your pick of show sponsor for the 2022-2023 Main Season or Children's Show

  • 10 tickets to your show

  • Top billing for your show in all advertising and regional commercials.

  • Print and Digital Advertising throughout the entire season.

  • Spotlight Wall Large Donation Plaque

$2,500 - 2021-2022 Show Co-Producer

  • Your pick of show sponsor for the 2022-2023 Main Season or Children's Show

  • 5 tickets to your show

  • Print and Digital Advertising throughout the entire season, and regional commercial recognition for an individual show.

  • Spotlight Wall Medium Donation Plaque

$1,000 -  Director

  • Season Pass for 2, which will include 12 flex pass tickets to any of our upcoming productions. 

  • Spotlight Large Donation Plaque

$500.00 - Stage Manager

  • Season Pass for 1, which will include 6 flex pass tickets to any of our upcoming productions.

  • Spotlight Wall Medium Donation Plaque

$100.00 -  Cast

  • Spotlight Wall Medium Donation Plaque

$50.00 - Crew

  • Spotlight Wall Small Donation Plaque

$20.00 - Crew

  • Spotlight Website Mention

Corporate Sponsorships and Naming Rights

We have multiple levels for budgets of all kinds to help us build LCT's new Performing Arts Center. Contact us for more details or to build a custom option. All levels will be available for a multi-year option. 

$250,000 or $50,000 for 5 years - (2 available) Naming Rights for either building on the LCT Campus and more!


$150,000 or $30,000 for 5 Years - (None Available) Naming Rights for the new theatre stage!

$50,000 or $12,500 for 4 years ( None Available) Naming Rights for the Children's Studio AND the Outdoor Garden Stage.

$30,000 or $10,000 for 3 years ( None Available) Naming Rights for the Children's Studio,  Children's Play and Pretend Stage OR the Outdoor Garden Stage.

$15,000 or $5,000 for 3 years (10 of 13 Available) Naming rights for one of our 13 theatre rooms. 



LCT by the Numbers


Over 8,000 audience members grace our doors in the average year. This doesn't include the nearly 300 volunteers who help usher, paint, build and work to help LCT run. 


LCT employs over 300 contract artists a year. Without these designers, builders, technicians, and performers, we would not be able to do what we do. 


The arts are good for our economy. For every ticket bought at LCT, 31.47 is spent in our community on dining, lodging, transportation, clothing, childcare, and retail.  

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