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Announcing Cast List for Talking With!

Lubbock Community Theatre and United Market Street Present...

“Talking With…” by Jane Martin

FIFTEEN MINUTES with Michelle Tarbox

SCRAPS with Lindsay Schroeder

CLEAR GLASS MARBLES with Mallory Flores

AUDITION with Leah Tyson Houchin

RODEO with Leslie Sellers

TWIRLER with Alyssa Steward

LAMPS with Tricia Castillo

HANDLER with Briana Moody

DRAGONS with Nicole Caddel

FRENCH FRIES with Pam Brown

MARKS  with Cindy Callaham

Direction by Jay C. Brown

*Cinematography by Mark Umstot and Daniel Ballard

*Lights and Sound by Jim  Bush

Talking With, by Jane Martin is an entertaining and thought-provoking collection of

11 monologues by women from disparate walks of life.

They range from a snake handler to an actress;   from a rodeo-rider to a woman in the last stages of labor; from a woman who escapes her pain in the land of Oz, to a woman who finds beauty in reflected light.

Each monologue is a work that stands alone but also reflects and comments upon the others. The questions asked and answered in a multitude of ways in this show are: How does one reconcile reality and fantasy; material existence and spiritual being; joy and pain?

Specifically, the questions are asked from a female point of view. But far from being exclusively a "woman’s play," these monologues touch on universal themes that speak to the human condition regardless of gender. These are questions to which all seek answers. And isn''t one of the functions of art to help us articulate the question? Talking With does this beautifully.

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