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Create a simple motion blur effect using just a few lines of code. Create a real looking photogrametric lighting effect with this handy cloud tool. Or view how Will Hong & his team used a dynamic bone rig in a real project. Animation is the fast evolving area of 3D and UDK development. Today, we look at how Will Hong, a 3D Art 3rd year student, used the Dynamic Bone tool on his new project "D-Night". Background Will Hong is a student at the University of Salford studying for a degree in Digital Animation, working at Fun, a group of character artists who create 2D characters for video games and live action films. He spends his spare time creating his own games, 3D animation and 3D artwork. Will has recently been using the Unity Dynamic Bone (UDB) rig and creating a new project called "D-Night" which deals with human beings and the dark, mysterious world of dream and night. As part of his latest project, Will decided to try out the Dynamic Bone tool to create some movement and posing from the 6 main characters in the video. He showed us his animation process and techniques. The Animation Process Will started off with his models - 3 male characters and a female character - which he imported into Unity. He then rigged up the characters using the Dynamic Bone tool, which is free to use with Unity, and positioned the mesh to match up the poses he was looking for. He then started animating the characters using the Move tool, which allowed him to control the characters movements and poses. Will then duplicated the head meshes of each of the characters and selected the faces that would be responsible for posing the head and had the secondary mesh connected to a bone. The characters then each had a Particle System with an Emitter attached. The only thing he was editing was the Time and the Rate of the Emitter, using the 2D information on the Emitter. The Animator then attached a simple Ragdoll Kinematics (KRK) to the models. This allowed the characters to fall in the scene, but this wasn't enough for Will as he wanted to have a more realistic system. The next stage of the animation was to add in a Raycast Bipartition (RBP). This split the Ragdoll Kinematics into two groups - a front facing and a back facing group. With the current setup, the KR




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